• Reduced time to benefit.
  • Scalability and integration.
  • New releases (upgrades).
  • To finish multiple task.
  • Easy to use and perform proof of concepts.
  • Very small amount of virus threat invading custom-made application.
  • Properly documented.
  • Difficult to Manipulate.

  • Reduced the manual Efforts.
  • General Invoice.
  • Product And Inventary Management.
  • Savings.
  • Enhanced efficiency.
  • Business can restrict access and Protect their network.
  • Easy to access and always available.
  • Faster in Speed.
  • Integration Complexity and Cost.


Billing Software

  • Only Billing
  • Billing-Stock-Reports
  • Billing-Stock-Reports-Balance sheet
  • Billing-Stock-Reports-Balance sheet
  • All ledger’s-Daybook
  • POS Billing
  • many more


Vyapari and aadat management

  • Purchase management
  • Total talat
  • Item supply party wise details
  • Billing
  • reporting
  • many more
For Dalimb vyapari,aadate,Other Vyapari


Builder Management

  • Site wise-Billing, advance, material management
  • Account wise cash flow management
  • Party wise reports
  • Daybook
  • Bill, receipt, quotation print
  • Many more


Manufacturing ERP

  • Billing
  • Stock Management
  • Row Material Management
  • Employee Management
  • Accounting
  • Daybook & Balance sheet


Member Management Software

  • Member ID, Profile and Documents Management
  •  Member Wise Fees & Multi Plan Structure
  • Monthly-Weekly or plan wise Bill/Fees Repetition
  • Employee/Trainer Profile and Payments
  • Many More
  • For – Gym, Driving school, library, Clubs and Classes


Hotel Billing Software

  • Waiter profile and Commission Structure
  • Easy menu list addition, edit and update
  • Table wise billing
  • Employee Payment management
  • Many More

For all type of Small and medium hotels and beer bars


College ERP

  • Users-Student, teachers and Admin
  • All data management
  • Attendance, result and Fees


Matrimony Portal

  • Member registration and profile management
  • Member OTP verification
  • Admin panel for Profile permissions, edit, update profile
  • User log in
  • Many More


Industrial Society Member management ERP

  • Plot Creation.
  • Owner Add to Plot Wise.
  • Main Head, Subhead.
  • Plot Rent & MaintenceBill Generation.
  • Many More


Automobile Showroom & Service station ERP

  • Multi user
    with Different Access
  • Vehicle/Customer Profile with Product and Inventory Management
  • General Billing & Quotation and Retunes
  • Rack wise Stock Register & Salary management
  • Employee management With Commission Structure
  • All Reports, Ledgers, Day Book and PL Balance sheet
  • For all 2/3/4 Wheeler garage, service station and showrooms


Hospital Management

  1. Clinic/Hospital-Only Billing Software 
  2. Central Hospital Management System 
  • Centralized process
  • Patient registration and details
  • Department wise entry
  • All data history
  • Prescription, Test reports and Regulations Templates
  • Billing
  • Accounting


Multi-level Marketing Member management

  • Member Profile & ID Wise Product sell
  • Chain Management
  • Member level Wise Rights and Options
  • Customized Plan Wise Commission Distribution
  • Member account management
  • For all Chain Business and MLM company

We build Business or Application Software To Minimise Work and Maximise Success.



You’ll want to look for a product that allows the easy customization of statements, forms, reports, screens,major fields, help systems and other program facets.



Your business may grow in scope as well as size. The accounting program vendor should either offer add-on modules that allow customers to slap extra capabilities to its product.


Report & Analysis

Customer gain insight into crucial financial activities, reporting and analysis functions help companies confirm to government and industry regulations.

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